Day: September 5, 2012

Jeremy Hunt under fire for stance on NHS tribute, homeopathy and abortion:” Leading scientists have also questioned Hunt’s suitability to be responsible for the NHS because he endorses homeopathy”

Labour claims health secretary’s apparent attempt to exclude NHS scenes from Olympic ceremony shows lack of support Denis Campbell, health correspondent,             Tuesday 4 September 2012 13.48 EDT Jeremy Hunt reportedly tried to remove the NHS tribute from Danny… Read More ›

Scientists successfully awaken sleeping stem cells: ” might be possible to turn on the eye’s own resources to regenerate damaged retinas, without the need for transplanting outside retinal tissue or stem cells,”

Contact: Patti Jacobs 617-868-0077 Schepens Eye Research Institute New hope for regenerating the human retina damaged by disease or injury Boston, MA—Scientists at Schepens Eye Research Institute have discovered what chemical in the eye triggers the dormant capacity of… Read More ›

What effect does melatonin have in colitis (IBD) ? ” bacterial translocation in postcolitis rats has been reversed by melatonin administration”

Contact: Jing Zhu 0086-105-908-0039 World Journal of Gastroenterology In rats with experimental colitis, the marked increase in bacterial translocation in postcolitis rats has been reversed by melatonin administration. This is due to melatonin’s anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic effects. Using an… Read More ›

Pneumococcal disease rates down significantly post-vaccine: But One of the non-vaccine strains, 19A showed an increase of 264%

Contact: Jim Sliwa 202-942-9297 American Society for Microbiology Pneumococcal disease rates down significantly post-vaccine Since the approval of a vaccine against pneumococcal bacteria for young children in 2000, rates of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) are down significantly in all… Read More ›