Day: October 3, 2012

Multibillion-dollar scheme to set up intelligence ‘fusion centers’ after 9/11 has failed to catch any terrorists, Senate report reveals

77 fusion centers  were created to encourage law enforcement agencies to share  intelligence Report says the  information-sharing effort cost the federal government from  $300million-$1.4billon One fusion center  reported a Muslim community group’s reading list Congress is  likely to keep the… Read More ›

New study shows that a cough medicine ingredient could effectively treat prostate cancer: noscapine reduced tumor growth in mice by 60% and limited the spread of tumors by 65%

2008 study posted for filing Contact: Dr. Israel Barken 619-461-8181 MedInsight Research Institute Baltimore, MD — A study published today in the December issue of the European medical journal Anticancer Research demonstrates that an ingredient used in a common… Read More ›