Day: October 19, 2012

No Antibodies, No Problem

    Researchers Identify How Mosquito Immune System Attacks Specific Infections   Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have determined a new mechanism by which the mosquitoes’ immune system can respond with specificity to infections with… Read More ›

The Internet of Things will transform our everyday: Objects in the home or office will “converse”, understand each other, and share information

Contact: Heikki Ailisto 358-207-222-233 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Internet of Things is the next ICT disruption Information technology and electronics are becoming entwined with our everyday lives in industry, the service sector, transport, logistics, health care, housing,… Read More ›

Daily vibration may combat prediabetes in youth : 20min daily was better than prescription drugs at reducing levels of hemoglobin A1

Contact: Toni Baker 706-721-4421 Georgia Health Sciences University AUGUSTA, Ga. – Daily sessions of whole-body vibration may combat prediabetes in adolescents, dramatically reducing inflammation, average blood glucose levels and symptoms such as frequent urination, researchers report. In mice that… Read More ›