FBI pushes internet providers to install new spy system

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FBI ФБР бюро расследований сша знак эмблема надпись

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is pressuring internet providers to install software to intercept online metadata in real time. In its demands the agency appeals to the Patriot Act, which authorizes surveillance programs used by the US secret services.

 According to CNET, an American tech media website, the FBI wants the country’s biggest providers to install undisclosed “port reader” software to harvest information on users’ “dialing, routing, addressing, or signaling information associated with a target’s communications”. And, as the FBI stated, this information will only include source, destination IP addresses and port numbers.

 Meanwhile the CNET suggests that the device exceeds the limits permissible by law and is able to intercept all users’ data, ranging from packet size, port label to IPv6 flow data as a hacker broke into an agency’s computer and found complete iPhone users’ data.

 “[The csv file contained] a list of 12,367,232 Apple iOS devices including Unique Device Identifiers (UDID), user names, name of device, type of device, Apple Push Notification Service tokens, zipcodes, cellphone numbers, addresses, etc,” writes CNET.

 Yet, it’s still unclear whether some of companies have already installed a new spy system, as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Comcast, and Sprint have declined to give any commentaries on this issue.

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