Kiwi Fruit Improved Sleep and Recovery Episode 1138 MAY 2023

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The manipulation of the timing and dose of kiwifruit may have applications in terms of sleep and recovery (e.g., antioxidant consumption in relation to training) in athletes that warrant further investigation. The results presented suggest a potential role for kiwifruit consumption in sleep promotion and recovery protocols for elite athletes. Consuming 2 kiwifruit 1 h before bed is a practical wholefood-based intervention that can easily be implemented in real-world settings. Kiwifruit is available in wholefood form, but it is also consumed in various processed forms, e.g., drinks, sweets, lyophilised products (i.e., freeze dried), dehydrated products and juices [64]. Further research is warranted to develop protocols and/or products designed specifically to promote sleep and/or recovery in elite athletes.

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Doherty, R., Madigan, S., Nevill, A., Warrington, G., & Ellis, J. G. (2023). The Impact of Kiwifruit Consumption on the Sleep and Recovery of Elite Athletes. Nutrients, 15(10), 2274.

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