UNC scientist ‘who smuggled cocaine in honey trap sting’ writes to college from Argentine jail asking for DOUBLE his salary

By Louise Boyle

PUBLISHED:16:48 EST, 23  October 2012| UPDATED:16:50 EST, 23 October 2012


Popular: Professor Paul Frampton has asked that his  salary at UNC be doubled while he awaits drug smuggling charges in  Argentina

A physics professor, who has spent almost a  year in an Argentinian jail awaiting his drug smuggling trial, has written to  his employer asking to be paid double his salary.

Paul Frampton, 68, has sent a letter to the  provost of the University of North Carolina saying he should have his $107,000  salary reinstated – and then be paid twice as much.

The British professor is being held in a  Buenos Aires prison after being caught with a case containing more than 4lb of  cocaine.

The scientist – who faces 16 years in  prison – claims he was tricked into believing he was carrying it for a  bikini model  Denise Milani through a ‘honey trap scheme’.

Mark Williams, a UNC math professor, told ABC: ‘Most  people would think its crazy for a man in prison to ask for a raise, but if you  look closely, he has a good case.’

Mr Williams said that his friend of 25 years  is known to be excessively naive.

Mr Frampton wrote to Provost Bruce Carney to  make the point that he ranks  18th on the pay scale of the 28 professors in his  department despite the fact he is cited the most.


He has not been paid since March 1 when he  was put on leave after the scandal broke.

UNC declined to comment on Mr Frampton’s  request but said that he remained a valued member of staff.

Since he has been in jail, Mr Frampton has  written at least three physics’ articles one of which has been published.



Fake: Bikini model Denise Milani had her identity used  by a drug smuggling gang who allegedly lured the physics professor into  smuggling a suitcase of cocaine

Prof Frampton, who is professor of physics  and astronomy, said he had been communicating online with someone claiming to be  Denise Milani for 11 weeks before his arrest earlier this year.

But when no one turned up after ten days, he  claims he was persuaded to travel to Argentina to catch up with her there  instead.

He says he was met instead by a Bolivian man,  who gave him a suitcase to take to Buenos Aires for Miss Milani, who had  apparently flown there for a modelling trip.


Place of work: Dr Frampton is one of 28 physics  professors at the University of North Carolina – but is 18th on the pay  scale

When she did not turn up, he tried to  board  a plane home, but was arrested after the cocaine was found in a  false lining of  the case.

Argentinian authorities insist there is no  evidence the brunette was aware her identity was being used.

The professor, who was born in Kidderminster,  Worcestershire, is being held at Villa Devoto Prison in Buenos Aires.

Leading academics including 1979 Nobel prizewinner Sheldon Glashow, who has worked on more than a dozen  scientific  papers with Professor Frampton, have written to the judge in  his case to plead  his innocence.

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