Alien insects devouring Chelyabinsk snow (VIDEO)

Screenshot: “YouTube”

Alien insects that travelled across the space on the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite will help the Russian city to clear deep snows.

 Shocking video from Chelyabinsk


 Another snowstorm swept Moscow on April 1 as bitter frosts still grip the majority of Russian regions. There is a hope however that the snow may be dealt away with by a swamp of tiny hopping aliens.

 A video showing insects the size of a match head crawling over Chelyabinsk snow and eating it has been circulated over the Russian internet segment after the meteorite strike.

 Russian military and emergency services haven’t commented on the footage shot by a Chelyabinsk resident, Konstantin Gladkov, who has uploaded it to YouTube.

 A significant drop in snow levels has meanwhile been reported in the meteor-hit city, with a third of all snow having mysteriously disappeared since March 17.

 Voice of Russia
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