Homeless woman has snuck into top security MacDill Air Force Base FOUR TIMES since last October – and has lived inside for days at a time


By  Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 13:37 EST, 9 July  2013 |  UPDATED: 16:49  EST, 9 July 2013


How does she do it? Homeless woman Suzanne Jensen, 50,  has a military base problem. She’s managed to enter Tampa’s MacDill Airforce  base four times since October and has at least one other previous arrest for  trespassing on a base

A homeless woman has managed to sneak into a  heavily guarded Florida air force base four times since October and records show  she’s done it on other bases before.

Suzanne M. Jensen was charged last month for  trespassing in Tampa’s MacDill Air Force Base for the fourth time where, in  various ways, she’s managed to live for up to days at time.

Last summer, the 50-year-old was charged with  entering Fort Myer in Virginia. And, in 2007, Jensen was charged with two  federal trespass counts near North Carolina.

This, according to a Tampa Bay  Timesroundup of the wannabe sergeant’s sneaking around the  past few years, this time onto a base even more locked down than many other  posts.

Since September 11, 2001, security at  American bases has been airtight. And MacDill is an exception, if only  because  it takes its security even more seriously because it is home base for U.S.  Special Operations Command and Central Command – two high level  subsets of the  U.S. military command.

Last month, Jensen was charged on the four  trespassing counts and for  possessing a stolen military identification. The  charges stem from  incidents that began October 1, 2012.

That’s when a retired Air Force officer was  heading to his boat, only to find it was already in use by the homeless  woman.

As it sat docked at the MacDill marina,  Jensen was holding the boat’s  keys. The perplexed owner, Barney D. Morris,  likely wasn’t any less  confused after Jensen’s explanations.

‘Jensen told him she was with Intelligence  Operations and had just come from  the Pentagon, which she claimed had given her  permission to board all of the boats,’ reads Jensen’s arrest affidavit, dated  June 26.

Jensen then leapt into the water and  swam  away. A six-hour search, involving local and base authorities as  well as K9 and  air units, ensued to no avail.

But when a wet Jensen was spotted at a base  restaurant, she was cited and told to leave the base and not return.


Stealthy: Despite airtight security, Jensen has been  caught on MacDill Air Force Base four times, even staying on it for days on  end




Amphibious: During one MacDill break-in, Jensen was  found in a retired officer’s boat at the base’s marina. She told him she was  from the Pentagon and allowed to enter ‘all the boats’ before leaping into the  water and swimming away


On November 18, base personnel had a less  dramatic, albeit equally, encounter with the slippery Jensen, after she was  discovered at the MacDill fitness center.

She tried to pass off a stolen ID as her own  and then showed base security how she’d gotten into the base this second  time.



Low tech: By dragging a trash can from a softball field  (pictured) near the base’s walls, Jensen said she was able to climb into MacDill  when she broke in the second. The homeless woman was warned again to leave and  not come back



Homeless woman Suzanne Jensen has a knack for  breaking into military bases. She’s made it into Tampa’s MacDill Airforce Base  four times, sometimes staying for days and despite airtight security, and has a  history with at least one other base.

2007: Jensen was arrested in North  Carolina near Fort Bragg. Records for the exact nature of the federal  trespassing charges are unavailable and were later dropped.

August 2012: Jensen was arrested for  trespassing in Virginia’s Fort Myer base. She was found guilty and sentenced to  time served.

October 2012: A retired officer at  MacDill found Jensen on his boat in the base’s marina. She claimed she was ‘with  Intelligence Operations’ and had permission to ‘board all of the boats.’ She  then leapt in the water and swam away. A 6-hour manhunt ensued.

November 2012: Jensen was spotted in  the base again and showed security how she’d scaled a wall using a trash  can.

December 2012: Jensen was found on the  base again, hiding behind a vehincle. ‘A brief foot chase’ ensued.

January 2013: The homeless woman was  again caught inside the perimeter of the base and again showed security her  knack at scaling MacDill’s walls.

In spite of top-level security and trained  military personnel numbering over 10,000, Jensen managed to get in  simply by  climbing a wall with a trash can she’d pulled from a softball  field that  adjoins the base. Jensen was again warned to go away and not  to come  back.

Strike three came on December 17, when,  according to the Tampa Bay Times,  Jensen was found hiding behind a parked car and nabbed ‘after a brief foot  chase.’




MacDill officials wouldn’t comment Monday,  saying they were working together with federal authorities on the matter. So it  is unclear how or why Jensen was again released.

But she got a fourth and, it seems, final  chance, in January when she was found on the base yet again.

According to the arrest  affidavit:

‘For about eight days she had been living  inside a boat that was on a trailer parked in the base’s family Camp  area.’

Jensen said she’d again scaled a wall to  enter the base.

Jensen has yet to be arrested on the  charges.

But, amazingly, her history with stealing  into military bases goes back even further, to 2007 when she was arrested near  North Carolina’s Fort Bragg base on federal trespassing charges.

It is unclear if the charges, which were  later dropped, stemmed from her actually entering Fort Bragg.

It is clear, though, that in August 2012,  Jensen was arrested, charged,  and found guilty of trespassing in Virginia’s  Fort Myer base.

She was later sentenced to time  served.



Old habits: Jensen was caught on Virginia’s Fort Myer  (pictured) earlier in 2012. She was charged, convicted, and sentenced to  time-served




Way back in 2007, Jensen was arrested near North  Carolina’s Fort Bragg and charged with trespassing. The charges were later  dropped. Though the current charges still stand, Jensen has no attorney and  hasn’t been arrested

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