Taurine and a Longer, Healthier Life Show 1142 JUN 2023

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The researchers found that taurine suppressed age-associated weight gain in female mice (even in “menopausal” mice), increased energy expenditure, increased bone mass, improved muscle endurance and strength, reduced depression-like and anxious behaviors, reduced insulin resistance, and promoted a younger-looking immune system, among other benefits.

“Not only did we find that the animals lived longer, we also found that they’re living healthier lives,” Yadav says.

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Singh, P., Gollapalli, K., Mangiola, S., Schranner, D., Yusuf, M. A., Chamoli, M., Shi, S. L., Bastos, B. L., Nair, T., Riermeier, A., Vayndorf, E. M., Wu, J. Z., Nilakhe, A., Nguyen, C. Q., Muir, M., Kiflezghi, M. G., Foulger, A., Junker, A., Devine, J., . . . Yadav, V. K. (2023). Taurine deficiency as a driver of aging. Science.

Taurine, serum concentration, aging, anti-aging, disease, hypotaurine, type 2 diabetes, wbc, insulin, bmi. Metabolism, waist circumference, N-acetyl taurine, exercise, hemoglobin, platelets, circulating taurine, age-associated pathologies, lower glucose

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