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Cure For Multiple Sclerosis ? / Journal of Neuroimmunology / National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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Topics: Forgotten Breakthroughs
– a team of University of Wisconsin-Madison biochemists has discovered a promising vitamin D-based treatment that can halt — and even reverse — the course of the disease in a mouse model of MS.
– First, Hayes’ team compared the effectiveness of a single dose of calcitriol to that of a comparable dose of a glucocorticoid, a drug now administered to MS patients who experience a bad neurological episode. Calcitriol came out ahead, inducing a nine-day remission in 92 percent of mice on average, versus a six-day remission in 58 percent for mice that received glucocorticoid.
-regimen: a single dose of calcitriol, followed by ongoing vitamin D supplements in the diet. This one-two punch “was a runaway success,” she says. “One hundred percent of mice responded.”
* published online in August in the Journal of Neuroimmunology 2013 / funded by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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