About Me and the Site

Ralph Turchiano

Ralph Turchiano

Hi, my Name is Ralph Turchiano and I have been reviewing daily about every peer reviewed research release from Astrophysics to Zoology for over 8 years. There are on average about 80 to 120 studies that make the primary research outlets per day. It would be redundant to post all the articles that are already being posted on primary journal sites. Therefore I created this site www.clinicalnews.org , to highlight specific research as it applies to the individual. Specifically research that can be immediately translated into readily utilizable information.

If you like you may even look at the cut and paste newsletters that I have been compiling every 2 weeks over the past 8 years. They may go back even further than 8 years; However, I have not had the chance to re-boot up the old hard drives.

What you may find surprisingly useful though, is that research tends to get lost in the ever expanding sea of data flooding the search engines. By reviewing this site, you may discover research that somehow became lost, de-linked, forgotten. Which is also another reason I created this archive. To breathe life back into pertinent research that somehow managed to get lost in the crowd.


Ralph Turchiano

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