The impact of lockdown drives us to make poorer choices

Lockdown and other restrictions imposed to control the COVID-19 pandemic have had unseen negative effects on the cognitive capacity and mental health of the population. A study led by the UOC’s research group Open Evidence, in collaboration with international universities

Ghosts of past pesticide use can haunt organic farms for decades

Although the use of pesticides in agriculture is increasing, some farms have transitioned to organic practices and avoid applying them. But it’s uncertain whether chemicals applied to land decades ago can continue to influence the soil’s health after switching to

Nature: new compound for male contraceptive pill

Nature Communications Publishes Paper by Lundquist Institute Investigator Dr. Wei Yan and Colleagues on New Promising Compound for Male Contraceptive Pill  The Lundquist Institute researchers discovered a natural compound that exhibits almost ideal male contraceptive effects in pre-clinical studies  LOS ANGELES

Could catnip become the new DEET?

New collaborative research from Northwestern University and Lund University may have people heading to their backyard instead of the store at the outset of this year’s mosquito season. Often used as an additive for cat toys and treats due to

Do known drugs help against SARS-coronavirus-2?

There are no therapeutics available that have been developed for COVID-19 treatment. Repurposing of already available medication for COVID-19 therapy is an attractive option to shorten the road to treatment development. The drug Camostat could be suitable. Camostat exerts antiviral


B6 may help keep COVID-19’s cytokine storms at bay

Who would have thought that a small basic compound like vitamin B6 in the banana or fish you had this morning may be key to your body’s robust response against COVID-19? #B6 #vitaminB6 #cytokinestorm Thanutchaporn Kumrungsee et al, Potential Role

Belly fat resistant to every-other-day fasting: study

In a mouse study, Australian researchers have mapped out what happens behind the scenes in fat tissue during intermittent fasting, showing that it triggers a cascade of dramatic changes, depending on the type of fat deposits and where they are

New report offers detailed analysis of Capitol Hill siege

WASHINGTON (Mar. 2, 2021) — A report released today by the George Washington University Program on Extremism reveals new information about the 257 people charged in federal court for playing a role in the Jan. 6 attack on the United

Under 55’s found lockdown most challenging, finds survey

A UK wide survey of 2252 adults, carried out five weeks into the first lockdown revealed 95% of those who took part were following lockdown restrictions. Of that 95% more than 80% reported finding it challenging. Adjusting to changes in

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