Counter Intuitive

‘Junk DNA’ drives embryonic development

Contact: Heather Buschman, Ph.D. 858-795-5343 Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Sanford-Burnham researchers discover that microRNAs play an important role in germ layer formation—the process that determines which cells become which organs during embryonic development              IMAGE:   These are… Read More ›

Carbon dioxide – our salvation from a future ice age: ” We are probably entering a new ice age right now. However, we’re not noticing it due to the effects of carbon dioxide”

Contact: Lars Franzén 46-031-786-195-846 University of Gothenburg Carbon dioxide – our salvation from a future ice age? Mankind’s emissions of fossil carbon and the resulting increase in temperature could prove to be our salvation from the next ice age…. Read More ›