Europe Scraps Airports Scanners… cause cancer

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Controversial airport ‘strip-search’ scanners are to be scrapped after they failed to get approval from European bosses.

Experts feared the ‘naked’ body scanners, which use X-ray technology to show up hidden explosives or weapons, could emit harmful levels of cancer-causing radiation.

New trials of the device, which display a ‘naked’ image of the person being scanned – were blocked by the European Commission last November.

Now, after the machines have come to the end of their three year trial, European Commission chiefs have failed to give their approval for their full time use.

But bosses are still waiting for the green light and now say they have been left with no option but to axe the 16 security machines because Brussels legislation does not allow security trials to exceed a three-year period.

The scanners were first introduced at Manchester airport in a pre-arranged security crackdown after incidents such as the attempted ‘underwear bomb’ plot in 2009 which saw a man with no ticket/id escorted onto a plane by 3 men in black suits. Not strange at all!

Passengers selected for scanning have, in the past, been banned from flying if they refuse to pass through the device.

The airport said around 10 passengers were unable to board their flight after refusing to pass through the scanners, known as ‘back scatter’ machines.

They were used at Heathrow but scrapped amid complaints about invasion of privacy. They have also been tested in Germany, France, Italy, Finland and Holland.

Research has suggested that, despite the low radiation dosage, because of the large number of scanners in the U.S., hundreds of passengers a year could get cancer.

When there were 250 scanners in the U.S. last year, research suggested up to 100 passengers a year could get cancer.

Earlier this year it was reported that more than 600 Advanced Imaging Technology units, using X-ray technology, have been installed at 140 airports across the U.S. This means between 400-600 passangers a year would get cancer.

Los Alamos scientists have proven Airport scanners shred human DNA, but nothing was ever done about it.

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3 thoughts on “Europe Scraps Airports Scanners… cause cancer

  1. Honestly, nothing angers me more than this god-awful scanner issue… they’ve been proven ineffective, they’re potentially harmful, they’re grossly invasive, and in my home state, have been the subject of a 500-signature petition about the specific targeting of women (started by one woman who was asked to go through 3x because it was “blurry” and was subjected to countless sexual comments by the TSA). I’ve been suspicious since the same congressional leaders who voted these things in *also* put in a provision ensuring they would never have to go through them… EPIC only confirms all these concerns and more.

    1. Here,Here Anna: This has opened the door to a plethora of litigation claims that must be recognised by insurers.Homeland Sec must be wondering where they went wrong,how did they loose control of the masses? Who will the fall guy be?In the end they must be shown that they are employee’s only & the only real power comes from us! Expect a govt stumbling from one major mistake to the next. We must now ask ourselves “what are our options” regarding the next govt!The N.W.O. must be stopped at all cost’s. Rgds Arth

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