Macedonian in Greece killed for refusing to change last name ( ? )

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“Samardziev” case, nice work of the Greek Secret Service


*Enginnering Evil:  There are now questions to whether Samardziev had been killed, please read with reserve

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Aleksandar Samardziev, an ethnic Macedonian student who was attacked in Solun by members of the Greek political neo Nazi group Golden Dawn has died from his injuries, several Macedonian newspapers reported this evening.

According to Samardziev’s family, their son was attacked for refusing to change his last name to a more “Greek” sounding name. According to the information coming out of Greece, Samardziev received multiple fractures when he came under attack by more than six Golden Dawn members. He died several hours after being hospitalized.

Aleksandar’s brother afraid that he may receive similar faith has left his home and is in hiding.

Stiljan Samardziev, Aleksandar’s cousin who first reported the incident, was jailed in early August for a week after he placed the Macedonian flag at a police station in Solun. Stiljan was jailed a second time at the end of August after announcing on Facebook he would wave the Macedonian flag during an anti Macedonian gathering in Solun.

The Samardziev family isn’t able to get any help from the Greek police who not just did not take interest in the case, but told the family it would be better for their own safety to say their son was attacked by ‘unknown’ people and not by members of Golden Dawn, a Greek political party with seats in Parliament.

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