Moderator Note: No More Ads

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Sorry about that people…. Recieved some complaints that pop up, and link ads were slowing down their browsers…

If the Advertising is till appearing in newly pressed articles, please advise me. I like to keep the site clean and fast loading.

Since this sites inception in late July, it has attracted some attention. Therefore we are being spammed to high heaven. I use a shielding blog ( ), which has so far blocked about  16,000 spam intrusions in just 2 months. As soon as that situation stabilizes, I will drop the moderation on comments….

And Yes Reddit still hates us, for some unknown reason…. 😉

Please never hesitate to suggest or comment….. (Even on my scary Grammar)


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2 thoughts on “Moderator Note: No More Ads

  1. Hope this no more ads is only a temporary thing Ralph.If it’s a techno glitch I can understand,If It’s big brother wanting respect for his “authoritie”I would say,”who gave you the authoritie in the first instance”. Rgds Arth

    1. WordPress starting inserting the ads through links….Which was my fault, because I should of initiated that option when I purchased WordPress….. I was getting some complaints from users that the ads were causing certain browsers to go black under certain scenarios… I like this WordPress platform; However, there is still much for me to learn// 😉

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