48th Health Research Report 20 JAN 2009 – Reconstruction

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Editors Top Five:

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In this issue:


1. Maslinic acid provides a natural defense against colon cancer

2. Chemopreventive agents in black raspberries identified

3. Study shows California’s autism increase not due to better counting, diagnosis

4. Hormone therapy linked to brain shrinkage, but not lesions

5. Vitamin D is the ‘it’ nutrient of the moment

6. Most heart attack patients’ cholesterol levels did not indicate cardiac risk

7. Misuse of Vicks VapoRub may harm infants and toddlers

8. HHS Report Slams FDA’s Conflict of Interest Oversight

9. Smoking during pregnancy may impair thyroid function of mom and fetus

10. Greater Quadriceps Strength May Benefit Those with Knee Osteoarthritis

11. Seasonal variation in blood pressure

12. Progress made in understanding causes and treatment of endometriosis

13. Study links water pollution with declining male fertility

14. Low-carbohydrate diet burns more excess liver fat than low-calorie diet, UT Southwestern study find


Health Research Report

48th Issue Date 20 JAN 2009

Compiled By Ralph Turchiano

www.healthresearchreport.me www.vit.bz

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