Kosovo Prime Minister owns Harem with 52 slaves

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Ukraining woman who managed to escape from what she called “World’s hell hole” gave an interview with details about Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hasim Thaci and his harem in which 52 slaves ‘worked’ day and night serving the prime minister as well as other politicians and businessmen.

The location of the harem was on an intersection of streets Shaip Spahija and Bedri Shala, in the basement of a large building specially designed to server as a ‘harem’.

“None of the girls were from Kosovo, there were few from the Balkans, about ten from Russia, one from Cameroon, two Chinese women etc” stated the Ukrainian.

According to her, the building has several VIP areas where Thaci and his friends have orgys.

“Most of the people who arrive here are older, very few are younger. Many of them are foreign diplomats, including officers from EULEX and KFOR. The girls are not allowed to say “No”. One of the girls called Dolores from Colombia protested the conditions during our lunch time in the cafeteria. She was shot dead by Thaci’s bodyguards” says the Ukrainian witness, who went by her initials N.M.

N.M. stated she was ‘involved’ with Thaci only once when he came to the harem heavily intoxicated and drugged.

The Ukrainian gave an interview for multiple Balkan newspapers. She claimed it is virtually impossible to escape Thaci’s harem as there are always at least five armed bodyguards securing the area. Out of the five, there is always one from Chechnya. It was the man from Chechnya who eventually agreed to help her escape, after she bribed him with money as well as sexual favors.


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