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525 West Central Ave.
Lompoc  CA   93436
805-736-6100  Fax 805-736-0970
Located adjacent to In Shape Fitness, in the Wal-Mart shopping Center

The Lompoc Store is the fastest growing Vitamin and Herb store in the chain. The store is located in the bustling community of Lompoc near Vandenberg AFB. This store is a reflection of the community’s growing energy. Recently, the store expanded from an 1100 square foot Vitamin Store to a vibrant 4000 square foot “back to basics” natural food market. It reflects the core values of what made the natural food market great.

As you enter the market you are often greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, or homemade soups which widen your eyes to the vast  rows of product. Carts, boxes, bottles and food are being rushed by you in a flurry of energy stocking, packing, and straightening of shelves. Often at the front desk,  a small crowd gathers mesmerized by the information given by Heike Turchiano, one of the most established nutritional leaders of the industry.

The Lompoc store is not about buying a product, it is about understanding it. The experience of shopping at the Lompoc Vitamin and Herb Store is something that is shared way beyond the walls of the store. 😉


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