How PTSD can be made worse with Anxiety Med’s

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How PTSD can be made worse with Anxiety Med’s

From a personal note, I have seen to many veterans as well as the general public with PTSD given very questionable medications with inadequate psychiatric therapy. Even worse some are still being prescribed Benzodiazepines as a first line of treatment. When Psychiatric Journals only recommend its potential use when all else fails. I hope this video in some small way helps. – Ralph Turchiano

Benzodiazepines not recommended for patients with PTSD or recent trauma Journal of Psychiatric Practice: July 2015 doi: 10.1097/PRA.0000000000000091

Although BZDs are prescribed to 30% to 74% of patients with PTSD, there is little literature—and no reviews before this article—focusing exclusively on the use of BZDs to prevent or treat PTSD.
The review identified 18 studies including more than 5,200 participants who survived one or more traumas, including physical injuries, life-threatening medical conditions, combat-related trauma, sexual trauma, and disasters. Based on evidence from these studies, benzodiazepines were associated with no improvement in …..or worsening of overall severity….., psychotherapy outcomes, aggression, depression, and substance use in PTSD patients.

Because benzodiazepines have ongoing effects on memory, they may hinder patients from learning how to cope with PTSD symptoms. “Evidence-based trauma-focused psychotherapies require that patients experience and then master anxiety,” Dr. Guina and colleagues write. “Benzodiazepines can impair that experience by numbing emotions, decreasing learning efficiency, and inhibiting memory processing of material learned in therapy.”

The PDF from JPS Healthnet :

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