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Lactoferrin ( Bovine or Human ) Identified as a potential COVID candidate

We found lactoferrin had remarkable efficacy for preventing infection (in a Lab setting) , working better than anything else we observed,” Sexton said. He adds that early data suggest this efficacy extends even to newer variants of SARS-CoV2, including the highly transmissible Delta variant.

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Morphological cell profiling of SARS-CoV-2 infection identifies drug repurposing candidates for COVID-19

Carmen Mirabelli, Jesse W. Wotring, Charles J. Zhang, Sean M. McCarty, Reid Fursmidt, Carla D. Pretto, Yuanyuan Qiao, Yuping Zhang, Tristan Frum, Namrata S. Kadambi, Anya T. Amin, Teresa R. O’Meara, Jason R. Spence, Jessie Huang, Konstantinos D. Alysandratos, Darrell N. Kotton, Samuel K. Handelman, Christiane E. Wobus, Kevin J. Weatherwax, George A. Mashour, Matthew J. O’Meara, Arul M. Chinnaiyan, Jonathan Z. Sexton

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Sep 2021, 118 (36) e2105815118; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2105815118

Lactoferrin, bovine, prophylaxis, cytokine storm, SARS-CoV-2, therapeutic intervention, TNF, IL-6, interferon-stimulated genes, infection, multimodal, repurposing, betacoronavirus, iAEC2

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