Green Tea and Cocoa, Major Life Extension Potential

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In summary, dietary intake of flavonoids from green tea or cocoa was able to significantly increase the survival rate of aged mice and to prevent some regressive structural changes occurring with senescence in distinct cellular components of the neuromuscular system. Both diets clearly preserved NMJ innervation and maturity, delayed the senescence process of the skeletal muscle, and enhanced its regenerative capacity, as inferred from the more “youthful” cellular phenotype of myofibers, the apparent reduction of myofiber degeneration/regeneration cycles, the preservation of the myogenic SC population, and the increased expression of PGC-1α.

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Gras S, Blasco A, Mòdol-Caballero G, Tarabal O, Casanovas A, Piedrafita L, Barranco A, Das T, Rueda R, Pereira SL, Navarro X, Esquerda JE, Calderó J. Beneficial effects of dietary supplementation with green tea catechins and cocoa flavanols on aging-related regressive changes in the mouse neuromuscular system. Aging (Albany NY). 2021; 13:18051-18093.

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