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BUFFALO, NY- June 21, 2022 – Aging (Aging-US) is proud to sponsor this year’s NAD + Metabolism and Signaling Conference (#NBCSRC22). This science research conference will take place from June 26 to June 30, 2022, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States.

A coenzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, also known as NAD+, can be found ubiquitously in nature (and within every cell in the human body). This molecule plays a critically important role in hundreds of processes related to energy production, metabolism, immunity, cognition, and even cancer. As humans age, researchers have observed a steady decline in the natural production of NAD+.

Organized biannually by the Foundation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), the goal of the NAD + Metabolism and Signaling Conference is intended to bring scientists and researchers together from different fields and disciplines to explore the latest findings in NAD+ metabolism and signaling as they relate to human health, disease and medicine. This five-day conference will cover eight major topics across eight sessions, a “Meet the Expert” session, a career development workshop, and two social activities.

“Given the broad roles of NAD, the conference brings together a wide audience from multiple fields, including those working on organismal and cellular metabolism, gene transcription, cancer biology and cellular signaling.”  (Source:

One of the four conference organizers is Vera Gorbunova, Ph.D. Dr. Gorbunova is a professor at the University of Rochester, co-director at the Rochester Aging Research Center, and a distinguished member of the Aging (Aging-US) Editorial Board. On June 27 (during session two, Sirtuins and NAD+ Metabolism in Aging), Dr. Gorbunova will be presenting from 9:27 am–9:54 am MT on the “Roles of Sirt6 in aging.” On June 28, Dr. Gorbunova will be a co-chair during the career development workshop.

Another prominent member of the Aging (Aging-US) Editorial Board attending this FASEB conference is Vilhelm A Bohr, MD, Ph.D. Dr. Bohr leads the Laboratory of Molecular Gerontology as Laboratory Chief at the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Aging. On June 28 (during session five, The Biology of Mitochondrial NAD+ in DNA Repair and Aging), Dr. Bohr will be presenting from 8:59 pm–9:26 pm MT on “DNA damage signaling to mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegeneration and aging.” On June 30 (during session 10, Tools to Study the Biology of NAD+ and NAD+ Pools), Dr. Bohr will be the session chair from 7 pm–9:26 pm MT.

“The meeting forges and stimulates international and multidisciplinary collaborations. It operates under a long-standing agreement between the North American and European faculty to alternate the venue between North America and Europe. The participation of junior investigators and trainees is highly encouraged to ensure a balanced presence of women and minority scientists.” (Source:


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Source: Aging (Aging-US) sponsors 2022 NAD + Metabolism and Signaling Conference

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