Discoveries in Depression Autism Liver Aging and Athletic Performance
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Discoveries in  Depression Autism Liver Aging and Athletic Performance

Your liver is just under three years old

An international team of scientists used retrospective radiocarbon birth dating to show that the human liver stays young throughout life and is on average less than three years old.

Drumming improves behaviour and brain function in autistic adolescents, scientists reveal

Drumming for 90 minutes each week helps autistic children overcome hyperactivity and attention deficit difficulties

Good bacteria to tackle depression

Intestinal flora plays an important role in health – including mental health. Researchers from the University of Basel and the University Psychiatric Clinics Basel (UPK) have shown that probiotics can support the effect of antidepressants and help to alleviate depression.

Antibiotics wreak havoc on athletic performance -Knocking out gut bacteria deflates the will, ability to exercise

New research demonstrates that by killing essential gut bacteria, antibiotics ravage athletes’ motivation and endurance. The UC Riverside-led mouse study suggests the microbiome is a big factor separating athletes from couch potatoes.

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