Motivation Increased With NAC / (GSH)
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Motivation  Increased With NAC / (GSH)

“Our study provides novel insights on how brain metabolism relates to behavior and puts forward nutritional interventions targeting key oxidative process as ideal interventions to facilitate effortful endurance,” conclude the authors. The study’s findings “suggest that improvement of accumbal antioxidant function may be a feasible approach to boost motivation.”

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Eva Ramos-Fernández, Ioannis Zalachoras, Fiona Hollis, Laura Trovo, João Rodrigues, Alina Strasser, Olivia Zanoletti, Pascal Steiner, Nicolas Preitner, Lijing Xin, Simone Astori, Carmen Sandi. Glutathione in the nucleus accumbens regulates motivation to exert reward-incentivized effort. eLife, 2022; 11 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.77791

NAC, Nucleus Accumbens, motivation, effort , glutathione, N-acetylcysteine, oxidative stress, GSH, persistence, antioxidant, ros, brain, reward, accumbal GSH, behavior, NuAc, accumbal antioxidant, effortful endurance, nutritional interventions

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