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In summary, this RCT, evaluating the functionality of daily consumption of flaxseed oil containing 2.2 g of ALA, improved verbal fluency in healthy individuals aged between 65 to 80 years, with no abnormalities in cognitive function, despite declines with age. Since the improvement in verbal fluency is significant in cognitive health, as it is one of the factors of Alzheimer’s disease progress [37], further validation studies, with a focus on ALA’s impact on verbal fluency and executive function, are needed to extend the obtained evidence in this study to older adults.

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Ogawa, T., Sawane, K., Ookoshi, K., & Kawashima, R. (2023). Supplementation with Flaxseed Oil Rich in Alpha-Linolenic Acid Improves Verbal Fluency in Healthy Older Adults. Nutrients, 15(6), 1499. https://doi.org/10.3390/nu15061499

Ala, cognitive function, age, flax seed oil, executive function, Alzheimer’s , verbal fluency, dha, alpha linolenic acid, docosahexaenoic acid

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