Recent Anti-Aging Discoveries of Ginseng 1152 AUG 2023
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The active ingredients of ginseng mainly contribute to aging delay through the following mechanisms: (1) the increase in the expression of antioxidant enzymes to achieve a balance between intracellular oxidation and antioxidation, the mitigation of excessive production of ROS, and the reduction in endogenous DNA damage, which prevent cell cycle arrest and delay aging; and (2) the regulation of the activities of DNA glycosylase and sirtuins in the process of DNA damage repair to ensure that the DNA repair pathway can accurately repair DNA damage caused by various factors associated with aging.

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Su, J., Su, Q., Hu, S., Ruan, X., & Ouyang, S. (2023). Research Progress on the Anti-Aging Potential of the Active Components of Ginseng. Nutrients, 15(15), 3286.

Ginseng, panax, Korean, Ginsenoside, Rh3, Rb2, Rg3, dna, glycosylase, sirtuin, dna repair, microbiome, skin health, brown spots, age spots

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