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First identification of a strong oral carcinogen in smokeless tobacco – nitrosamines

Contact: Michael Bernstein 215-418-2056 (Philadelphia Press Center, Aug. 17-23) 202-872-6042 Michael Woods 215-418-2056 (Philadelphia Press Center, Aug. 17-23) 202-872-6293 American Chemical Society PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 22, 2012 — Scientists today reported identification of the first substance in smokeless tobacco… Read More ›

ASU study finds antimicrobials from personal care products in statewide survey of Minnesota’s rivers and lakes – triclosan

Highlights First statewide U.S. survey finds antimicrobial compounds present in sediments of Minnesota’s rivers, creeks and lakes Personal care product active ingredients triclosan (TCS) and triclocarban (TCC) detected in all samples takenupstreamanddownstreamof wastewater treatment plants Among the two known endocrine… Read More ›