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  • He was miffed by the decision to dump him  from the Republican ticket
  • ‘I say what I feel and what I believe… I’m  just doing the same thing with the President’

By Hayley Peterson

PUBLISHED:12:02 EST, 3  November 2012| UPDATED:12:02 EST, 3 November 2012

First choice: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie believed he was going to be Mitt Romney's running mate
First choice: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie believed he  was going to be Mitt Romney’s running mate

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was Mitt  Romney’s first choice as a running mate before Romney had a sudden change of  heart and dumped him for Paul Ryan.

Christie was miffed by Romney’s decision,  particularly because he was led to believe in the weeks leading up to Ryan’s  introduction that he would be joining Romney on the Republican presidential  ticket, Politicoreported, citing conversations with ‘campaign  insiders.’

Now Republican party bosses suspect  Christie’s momentary embrace of Barack Obama during the President’s tour of  devastated New Jersey this week was a deliberate snub to Romney.

Christie was vetted so hard by the Romney  campaign in July that even some of Romney’s top advisers believed the New Jersey  governor was the final choice as the Republican vice presidential  candidate.

But Romney changed his mind over  the course  of two weeks this summer, advisers told Politico, and instead offered the job to  Ryan, a Republican congressman from Wisconsin.

Romney was attracted to Christie for his  unfiltered style that has helped turn him into rising star – albeit a  controversial one — within the  Republican Party.

The  explosive New Jersey native has a  propensity toward swearing, making him a bit of a liability for Romney, but he  also has a knack for appealing  to middle class voters, with whom Romney has had  a hard time connecting.

At a campaign event for Romney in Iowa last  December, Christie bullied ‘Occupy’ protestors out of a rally,  leading Romney  supporters to start chanting Christie’s name as they  cheered with  approval.

‘You  know what, we’re used to dealing with  jokers like this in New Jersey all the time,’ Christie shouted at the protesters  as they were led out of  the rally by Romney staffers. ‘So you guys go all out  and chant and do  what it is that you want to do.

‘You are so angry, aren’t ya?’ Christie   badgered. ‘It’s so terrible… Oh  work it out. Work it all out for yourselves.  Work it all out for  yourselves.’

Quiet retaliation: Christie embraced President Obama this week during a tour of the wreckage in New Jersey from Hurricane Sandy, leading some to believe he was retaliating against RomneyQuiet retaliation: Christie embraced President Obama  this week during a tour of the wreckage in New Jersey from Hurricane Sandy,  leading some to believe he was retaliating against Romney

Bipartisan courtship: 'We're both doing what we wanted to do, which is to get things done,' Christie said of Obama this weekBipartisan courtship: ‘We’re both doing what we wanted  to do, which is to get things done,’ Christie said of Obama this week

In the end, it wasn’t Christie’s bombast that  drove Romney away: It was his disregard for Romney as the man at the top of  ticket.

Christie would consistently arrive late at  campaign events that he was attending on behalf of Romney and he would spend the  majority of his speaking time on himself, not the Republican presidential  candidate.

Romney advisers began to think that Christie  wouldn’t know how to be a ‘number two’ and they suddenly stopped vetting him  without explanation just before Romney’s trip to Europe over the  summer.

When Romney returned, he offered the job to  Ryan and waited another week to let Christie know, just shortly before  announcing his pick publicly.

Christie has since been quietly retaliating  against the Romney campaign for his sudden fall from favor, political analysts  say.

Christie made news for his scarce mentions of  Romney during his speech at the Republican National Convention.

Campaigning: Chris Christie and Mitt Romney talking to voters in New Hampshire. Romney changed his mind about putting the New Jersey Governor on the Republican ticketCampaigning: Chris Christie and Mitt Romney talking to  voters in New Hampshire. Romney changed his mind about putting the New Jersey  Governor on the Republican ticket

‘His view was, “They saw the speech before I  gave it. They vetted it. They said it was fine,”’ a Romney adviser told  Politico. ‘And the campaign’s view was, “We told him that we thought there were  more opportunities for him to put in stuff about Mitt, and he didn’t take the  hint.”

There was a lot of agitation that led to a  lot of sarcasm and the kind of comments that people don’t mean, but they kind of  do.’

Christie heaped praise on Obama after he was  invited onto Air Force One to tour the wreckage left behind by the  storm.

‘This was as comfortable and relaxed an  interaction as I’ve had with the president since I’ve known him,’ Christie said. ‘And I think it’s ’cause we’re both doing what we wanted to do, which is to get  things done.’

Christie said he expected to be criticized  for complimenting the president.

‘But you know what, I speak the truth,’ he  said. ‘That’s what I always do. Sometimes you guys like it, sometimes you don’t.  Sometimes politicians like it, sometimes they don’t. But I say what I feel and  what I believe.

‘And I’m just doing the same thing with the  president of the United States. So, I do pinch myself every day. You know, like  when I got on Marine One? I’m pinching myself, believe me.’

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One thought on “Is THIS why Chris Christie was so loving toward Obama? New Jersey Governor was Romney’s FIRST choice as VP and was bitter when Mitt suddenly changed his mind

  1. The fact that he has to pinch himself tells me it’s about his ego and not the bigger picture. If he’s susceptible to his gaga factor then he’s no better than the gullibles who faint in front of obama. Mitt did right to choose Ryan. We don’t need another loose cannon VP.