Buellton ( Update )

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Vitamin and Herb Store
214 E. Highway 246 # 101
Buellton CA  93427
805-693-9597 Fax 805-693-9587
  • Located of Highway 246 in the Albertsons Shopping Center Next to CVS

The Buellton Vitamin and Herb Store was the first store in the small Central Coast Chain.  It is a small thousand square foot store, that has boasted one of the most advanced selection of nutraceuticals around. This small little store has serviced hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world. Our highly experienced front line personal have been the envy of the industry.

When you enter this store, you are greeted by staff that has also started out as customer like your self. Like yourself  always looking to improve up their nutritional knowledge. It is these proactive behaviors that take you out of the realm of being sold to, to one of being shared with. 😉


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