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Sunday, 09 December 2012
According to Igor Muradjan, analyst for Armenian daily Erkramas, as of this spring (2012) there are attempts to find common language between Serbia and Bulgaria’s common interests. There have been talks for a Union between Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece after which Macedonia, Montenegro and Cyprus would join.

Muradjan believes it is very possible for Croatia and Slovenia to join this Union.

The Defense and Intelligence Ministries of Macedonia and Bulgaria have received recommendations for joint work in all spheres. Similar attempts are being made between other countries in the region, states Murdajan.

Well known Ukrainian political scientist and law expert Alexandar Prognimak back in May stated that the creation of the League of Slavic Countries (LSC) should be green lighted. According to Prognimak “from world’s tendencies toward globalization, the only strategic path for Ukraine is to join and be part of the creation of the Slavic pandan within the European Union, which could be formally called “Leage of Slavic Countries”.


Prognimak believes Russia, Belarus and Ukraine cannot function alone and isolated defend their interests neither from the West, nor the East. “We wouldn’t want to become a coin at a chess table wedged between the West and the East.

According to Prognimak, at time of “rapid European and muslim globalization, the only national structure for all Slavic people is the League of Slavic Countries. First we would start with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and later Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Poland, Czech, Slovakia will join. The last two decades, religious disputes between the Catholics and Orthodox are minimal, there should be easy integration between the Sourth and Northern Slavic nations”, states Prognimak.


The Ukrainian expert explained how the Parliament would vote. Each country will have equal say by sending 50 members chosen by voting in each member state every for years. There will be free trade between all LSC members, cooperation on customs and energy projects.


Russian ambassador to Montenegro Andrej Nesterenko believes the idea ought to be seriously considered, adding Russia’s close relationship with Montenegro, as well as Cyprus.


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