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China rebukes Japan after both sides’ planes fly near islands
News On Japan via Reuters — Jan 12


China criticized Japan on Friday for “creating tension”, a day after China’s air force scrambled two fighters in response to a flight by Japanese jets, the latest incident between the countries following months of tension over disputed islands.


China scrambled two J-10 fighters on Thursday over the East China Sea after two Japanese F-15s followed a Chinese military plane “on routine patrol”, the Chinese Defence Ministry said in a statement on its website.The Chinese Y-8 was flying over East China Sea oil and gas fields east of Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, when it was followed at close range by the Japanese planes, the ministry said. A third Japanese surveillance plane was flying nearby, it said.

The Defence Ministry gave no other details of the incident while the Foreign Ministry described the action by the Japanese aircraft as an “exaggeration”.


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