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Thursday, 07 March 2013


Leader of Macedonia’s Social democrtatic alliance, Branko Crvenkovski during his campaigning held only two speeches, one in Ohrid and the other in Strumica.




From his statements, no one can conclude whether he is calling citizens to go out and vote for his party or go out and wage war.




Both of his speeches in Ohrid and Strumica, typically lasting nine minutes, were identical. In his statements, Crvenkovski speaks of battles, fighting, pay backs and punishments. At no point during his speech does Crvenkovski mentiones how would his party help the people, what sort of programs they have, or how would his party candidates help the economy and create jobs.




Crvenkovski starts his speech by saluting his ‘comrades’ and ‘fighters’, only later to remind them they must fight, and battle against the ruling Government which he calls “tyranical’.




“On March 24th we have an opportunity to complete one very important job. We have a chance for a pay back, we are going to get even for everything” said Crvenkovski in Ohrid.




Similar, if not identical was his speech in Strumica, calling for battles, revolutions, boycotts. At no time did SDSM’s leadership told the gathered citizens about any projects or plans they had for the future

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