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Club-K ракетный комплекс Контейнерный комплекс ракетного оружия 20- и 40-футовый контейнер

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How do you deter aggression by a big international bully if you are a small third-world country? North Korea has chosen nukes. Russian military engineers have proposed an alternative option.

 They have developed container versions of the widely-exported ship-based Club, or Kalibr, short-range surface-to-surface missile battery. The new weapon is codenamed Club-K. It comes on two easily transportable and mountable versions: one, hidden inside a standard 40-foot shipping container, and the other, inside a similar 20-foot one. These deadly containers can be deployed in ports. Scarier still, they can be installed on the decks of civilian ships, making them not that defenceless in the face of hostile naval forces.

 Protecting warships against these weapons can only be done by establishing vast no-shipping zones, which is absolutely unrealistic in the modern globalized world. Wall Street interests would quickly derail any Pentagon bid to establish a vast no-shipping zone.


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