24th Bulletin: Exclusively the “hot” list of loan write-offs

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Published on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 17: 50
Written by 24 h. com. cy

The first online news bulletin of the 24th bulletin revealed the list of politicians, their relatives and trade unionists who deleted all or part of the loan that had been taken from two crumbling banks.

In the Newscast, with Sotiris Papadopoulos unveiled the list of original names, the amounts that have been deleted and when this happened.

It is 19 names on people’s Bank and the Bank of Cyprus.

As stressed and the Director of Nikodea, Kostas Ntaltas this list by itself does not mean anything. journalists ‘ work is to reveal and transparency. Work is investigated.

For this noon on Thursday the documents with full names will be handed over to the Prosecutor General of the Republic, Petros Clerides to investigate under which conditions these deletions were made.

In the news release of the 24th member of DISY, Andreas Kyprianou, invited to deliver where especially-as I do-the list of institutions and Transparency of the House.

Also intervened, the Member of AKEL, Adamos Adamou, who requested a full investigation of the case, while environmentalists, MP George Perdikis spoke for “Ali Ibrahim’s picture page”

It is 19 people, former members of Parliament, trade unionists, former Mayor, ambassadors from all political backgrounds.

Delete started in April 2007 and was completed in may 2012.

In this listing are sons, brothers and even former husband Mr.

With one of the persons on the list who we contacted, we stressed that it is a case of forgery-as has been said, and police-grafologos which is situated in the courts and in fact has not only save money, but it has lost.

For this we must investigate all the cases one by one to apportion blame where necessary.


See the entire 24th ticket here.

News release 24 (27/3) by 24hcomcy

The original page has a related video liked below:



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