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Hacking group Anonymous_Korea takes down N.Korea’s official websites

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Hacking group Anonymous_Korea claimed they have taken down five of North Korea’s official websites, including the country’s official web portal and the foreign relations committee’s site.

 The hacktivist group Anonymous_Korea published a list of the five government websites they claimed to have put out of action on their Twitter feed under the hash tag ‘Tangodown.’

 The group later tweeted the attack was still under way, but they had not managed to bring down The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s site.

 Pyongyang stepped up its warmongering rhetoric on Friday night and declared it was “entering a state of war” with its southern neighbor.

 North Korea said on Saturday it was entering a “state of war” with South Koreain a continuing escalation of tough rhetoric against Seoul and Washington after coming under international sanctions for its nuclear test. Here is what Twitter users from all over the world think about it.

 JaeSweetheart: This is so sad North Korea is ready to launch an attack on South Korea and America and go to WW3.

Felipe Sahagún: North Korea has been in state of war since 1950. To repeat it today does not deserve headlines, maybe a brief in page 50.
Solo: North Korea just wanna see if we gonna pull the hammer first. Whether we do or don’t we can still blame the war on them.
Snowie: Any conflict on the Korean border and N.Korea will open up full conflict and nuclear war. one slip on a trigger and millions will die. Tense.
Edrick Sulistio: I suppose the beginning of WWIII is near as N. Korea enters war with S. Korea.
All Jet, No Lag: N. & S. Korea haven’t been at war nor at peace for decades. This ‘declaration of war’ has been a long time coming. Just sit, wait & watch.
Bob Reiss: I actually had a fascinating discussion as few weeks ago with a guy about how N Korea should focus on building a colony on the moon.
Daniel Woods: What’s the difference between the England football team and North Korea? None. They both have there fair share of trash talk.
Libertarian Ray: Why should what tiny country like North Korea matter? We cannot control what they might do. It’s inconsequential.
David Kaib: It’s really funny that people think Iran, North Korea and Syria are the ones who want unfettered arms trade.
Bishop Council Nedd: North Korea’s Kim is making U.S. officials nervous.
InterAksyon: North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un orders military: Prepare for ‘merciless strike’ on US mainland.
The Korean: The disparity bw today’s tweets ABOUT Korea and tweets FROM Korea cannot be greater. SKoreans are just living their lives; all panic in US.
BuzzFeed News: North Korea: “This will not be a 3 day-war but a blitz war through which KPA will occupy all areas of S. Korea…”
Danny: America would demolish North Korea in a war..
Jim Roberts: US worried much more about cyberattacks from North Korea than overt military action.
Lacey… Sass-ball: Maybe if Obama wasn’t so stupid North Korea wouldn’t wanna nuke us. So who wants to move to the moon with me.
tsundere gaybu: So, North Korea is ending the 50-year “ceasefire” with South Korea and hostilities will take place again? D: This isn’t good at all.
Alexander James: North Korea is that kid on the playground who didn’t get picked for kickball, and then threatens nuclear warfare on everyone playing.


 Voice of Russia, RT

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