Stoning to death is a fair punishment – expert

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Камни; бросать камень


Deaths by firing squad, lethal injection, or even the electric chair are all acceptable forms of the capital punishment in the West. Though, in some parts of the world death by stoning is legally upheld, but scolded upon by outsiders. Can stoning ever be seen as a just and morally right punishment? One expert says yes and explains to the Voice of Russia why this way of death shouldn’t be criticized by other societies.

 Lapidation, practiced in some Middle Eastern countries, is considered to be one of the harshest forms of retribution. People who have committed adultery are bound to end up in a pit, where their life will be taken by stone throwers. Cruel and inhumane are what many foreigners call the Sharia inspired rule, but there is a reason for the stone-cold penalty.

 The sanctity of the society must be kept intact, therefore strict guidelines are implemented before a person is even sentenced to stoning. Four people need to have witnessed the action of adultery happening before the case can be taken to the legal level. Those who viewed the action, which went on, need to have seen it with their own two eyes. Otherwise, they are not a valid witness to the crime.

 Stoning is not only used as a tool to expel the person from living, it also greatly affects the way the community acts. “We can then imagine how degraded and disgraceful this person from that society has been. In order to secure, in order to avoid any contamination of the society, such laws are imposed because we as Muslims believe that humans are the best creations in the world, rather in the whole universe, so they are supposed to act in a moral, civilized and noble way,” Ehsan Ahmad, Sharia Scholar explained

 Ahmad continued by saying that a civilized society can well imagine the level of immorality that is tainted due to such an inhuman act of adultery that is being performed publically. Every decent and noble family will always condemn such public activity in order to maintain the sanctity of the society. On the other hand exercising capital punishment is also not the objectivity behind Sharia law.

 Western-minded countries are quick to oppose stoning and label it a barbaric way of executing a guilty person. Though, according to one study well over half of those asked in Egypt and Pakistan endorse stoning adulterers. That is about 8 out of every 10 Muslims who believe this is an acceptable form of capital punishment.

 Now as a democratic principle when people opt to legalize same sex marriage is acceptable to the state then capital punishment of such types must also be acceptable to the world at large and should be respected as well.

 Convicts of sexual adultery, rape, and crimes of similar nature may become so prevalent, that the society as a whole is affected by such polluted behavior. “Islam also says that when the whole sanctity and the whole purity of the society are at stake, the whole society and every individual will be affected,” told Ahmad to the Voice of Russia. Therefore, stoning is used as a public deterrence of lewd behavior, so that people of the community won’t repeat what past offenders have.

 Tight regulations make legal stoning a very rare occurrence in a community, since the state needs to decide on if these witnesses are valid enough. Additionally, only those who are married and commit adultery will be have rocks thrown at them until they die. Single, unmarried people will not have this capital punishment. “This has never been highlighted in any media,” Ahmad added.

 Punishments of this proportion are not taken lightly by state or community. Cases are said to be looked into carefully through analyzing the evidence they have on hand. Some governments do not even enforce lapidation however people may do so illegally.

 It is an unfortunate struggle between the people and the government, when disagreements about stoning arise. Still, many believe that the citizens are in much better standing if the guilty is stoned to death, the execution is looked at as just, in order to save the purity of the population as a whole.

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