China woman seeks suitable Malaysian man as life partner

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Wed, Jul 10, 2013

The Star/Asia News Network

A 37-year-old China woman put up an advertisement in a local daily looking for a suitable Malaysian man as her husband,China Press and Sin Chew Daily reported.

China Press quoted Sun Lu (pic) as saying that she has lost confidence in men in China after her first marriage failed six years ago. She has a seven-year-old boy from that marriage.

In the advertisement, Sun Lu claimed to be a beautiful woman from Shenyang and that she was looking for a successful man below 50 years old.

The man, she added, must be financially stable.

Sun Lu, who is currently in Kuala Lumpur, said she decided to put up the advertisement after her aunt, who is also from China, and her aunt’s Malaysian husband encouraged her to do so.

“I have dated some Malaysian men introduced by my aunt and her husband during my first visit to Malaysia last year. But none were suitable,” she said.

Sun Lu, who claimed to be doing business for several years, came to Malaysia again on June 3, and put up the advertisement for three days in the local daily.

Sun Lu said the appearance of the man was not important but he must be willing to accept her son.

Sun Lu’s uncle, known only as Peng, told China Press that Sun Lu received numerous calls after the advertisement was published.

“She has met 10 of them and there was one who never returned after going to the toilet,” Peng said.

Sun Lu’s aunt Wang Feng Jun, 49, said some of the men were insincere and just left after seeing Sun Lu.

Sin Chew Daily reported that Sun Lu had no time to talk to the daily’s reporter as she was busy taking calls from interested suitors.

Sun Lu has yet to find Mr Right.


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