Syria: US calls on UN to withdraw experts, mission senseless

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Wsj, there was already definitive proof of chemical weapons use

28 August, 10:09


(ANSAmed) – NEW YORK, AUGUST 28 – The UN mission in Syria is meaningless, as there was already definitive proof of chemical weapons use, US presidential national security advisor Susan Rice told US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power and other UN representatives in a message on Sunday. Reports were in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal, which cited sources as saying that the US had put pressure on the UN ”in private” to withdraw its experts from Syria, thereby paving the way for a possible reaction from US president Barack Obama. Rice is reported to have said written that the UN investigation was too late and that it would only ”tell us what we already know”: that chemical weapons were used. She went on to say in the email that they already knew who had used them.

The Wall Street Journal said that Israeli secret services had provided the CIA with decisive information from an elite unit of the Syrian division tasked with supervision of Assad’s chemical weapons. The information, verified by the CIA, reportedly shows that some types of chemical weapons had been moved to the Damascus suburb where the August 21 alleged chemical attack took place, in the days prior to the attack. The information corroborated by the CIA is said to have changed the US administration’s position, and that Saturday evening it was decided that if the US were to attack it would do so with allied nations but without the UN, in order to circumvent what would almost certainly be a veto by Russia.


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