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Thank You for being with me, for close to 10,000 posts .


Thank You,

We have now completely rebuilt our archived database of close to 10,000 posts. The original reason I started collecting research over 8 years ago, was to have a quick go to database to add credibility to our nutrition industry. This was during a time when books such as the Vitamin Pushers, and TV media were woefully uninformed of how incredible the research was into basic nutrients.  The negative claims even went as far as to say “ Not only are vitamins and minerals useless, that they are all harmful “ – . Well the best remedy against fallacy is fact  .

So to simply put it, I compiled a database of research and citations that can be readily accessed to counter erroneous statements that arise from outdated views and prejudice. Thank you, for taking the time to offer encouragement in me building this site, by visiting, liking, and commenting.  I have always been humbled, and will continue to be by your patronage.

Sincerely always,

Ralph Turchiano

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