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Drinking beetroot juice promotes a mix of mouth bacteria associated with healthier blood vessels and brain function, according to a new study of people aged 70-80.

Beetroot – and other foods including lettuce, spinach and celery – are rich in inorganic nitrate, and many oral bacteria play a role in turning nitrate to nitric oxide, which helps to regulate blood vessels and neurotransmission (chemical messages in the brain).

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Anni Vanhatalo, Joanna E. L’Heureux, James Kelly, Jamie R. Blackwell, Lee J. Wylie, Jonathan Fulford, Paul G. Winyard, David W. Williams, Mark van der Giezen, Andrew M. Jones. Network analysis of nitrate-sensitive oral microbiome reveals interactions with cognitive function and cardiovascular health across dietary interventions. Redox Biology, 2021; 41: 101933 DOI: 10.1016/j.redox.2021.101933


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