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Best Time to eat Chocolate for Metabolism

Morning Chocolate reduced fasting glucose (4.4%) and waist circumference (−1.7%) and increased lipid oxidation (+25.6%). Principal component analyses showed that both timings of chocolate intake resulted in differential microbiota profiles and function 

#chocolate #metabolism #circadian

Teresa Hernández‐González, Rocío González‐Barrio, Carolina Escobar, Juan Antonio Madrid, Maria Jesús Periago, Maria Carmen Collado, Frank A. J. L. Scheer, Marta Garaulet. Timing of chocolate intake affects hunger, substrate oxidation, and microbiota: A randomized controlled trial. The FASEB Journal, 2021; 35 (7) DOI: 10.1096/fj.202002770RR

Chocolate, milk chocolate, circadian, metabolism, waist, short chain fatty acids, SCFAs, microbiota, weight loss, glucose, cocoa, polyphenols, biomarkers, best time, fasting glucose, lipid oxidation, cortisol, Actinobacteria,  Akkermansia

#chocolate #metabolism #circadian #milkchocolate #waist #scfa #hunger #glucose #micobiota #besttime

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