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Amazing Weight Loss, Cholesterol Discovery (Artichoke and Bergamot)

Between the two groups, total and LDL cholesterol in the supplemented group (compared to placebo) showed significant decreases over time. A significant reduction of waist circumference and visceral adipose tissue (VAT) was recorded in the supplemented group (compared to placebo), even in subjects who did not follow a low-calorie diet. In conclusion, the synergism between Citrus Bergamia polyphenols and Cynara cardunculus extracts may be an effective option and may potentially broaden the therapeutic role of botanicals in dyslipidemic patients.

#artichoke #bergamot #metabolism

Riva A, Petrangolini G, Allegrini P, Perna S, Giacosa A, Peroni G, Faliva MA, Naso M, Rondanelli M. Artichoke and Bergamot Phytosome Alliance: A Randomized Double Blind Clinical Trial in Mild Hypercholesterolemia. Nutrients. 2022; 14(1):108. https://doi.org/10.3390/nu14010108

Bergamot, artichoke, LDL, HDL, Cynara cardunculus,  Citrus Bergamia Risso, visceral adipose tissue, polyphenols, VST,  BMI, weight loss, metabolism, lean mass, cholesterol, waist circumference

#artichoke #bergamot #metabolism #ldl #hdl #VAT #BMI

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