Licorice Compounds and their Amazing Potential
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Licorice Compounds and their Amazing Potential. Episode 1107 Fall 2022

GL Glycyrrhizin and its derivative, glycyrrhetinic acid ( GA , exhibit a wide range of activities to elicit their oncoprotective and oncotherapeutic effects. The effects range from inducing cell cycle arrest, inducing apoptosis, inhibiting invasion and metastasis, immunomodulation, attenuating the inflammatory microenvironment in cancer to antioxidants, sensitizing the tumor to other drugs, and protecting from conventional therapy side effects

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Rifika Jain, Mohamed Ali Hussein, Shannon Pierce, Chad Martens, Preksha Shahagadkar, Gnanasekar Munirathinam, Oncopreventive and oncotherapeutic potential of licorice triterpenoid compound glycyrrhizin and its derivatives: Molecular insights,Pharmacological Research,Volume 178,2022,106138,ISSN 1043-6618, Licorice, Glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhetinic, anti inflammatory, metastasis, immunomodulation, oncoprotective, oncotherapeutic, apoptosis, antioxidant, gza, gl, ga, Anti-estrogenic, chemotherapy,

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