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38th Health Research Report 02 SEP 2008 – Reconstruction

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Editors Top Five:


1.      How to stop a new type of heart attack
2.      Flu shot does not cut risk of death in elderly
3.      Scientists discover leptin can also aid type 1 diabetics
4.      Killer carbs — Monash scientist finds the key to overeating as we age
5.      Low cholesterol associated with cancer in diabetics


In This Issue:

1.      Silver-coated endotracheal tubes appear to reduce risk of pneumonia associated with ventilator use
2.      Arsenic exposure could increase diabetes risk
3.      Low level cadmium exposure linked to lung disease
4.      79 million US adults have medical bill problems or are paying off medical debt
5.      How to stop a new type of heart attack
6.      New research suggests diabetes transmitted from parents to children
7.      Positive thinking may protect against breast cancer
8.      Killer carbs — Monash scientist finds the key to overeating as we age
9.      The big gulp: consumers avoid extremes in soda sizes
10.  Low cholesterol associated with cancer in diabetics
11.  Anti-psychotic drug use in the elderly increases despite drug safety warnings
12.  New study shows health benefits of probiotic could extend to the entire body
13.  Anti-Cancer Flower Power
14.  Oral Administration of Lactobacillus from Breast Milk May Treat Common Infection in Lactating Mothers
15.  Scientists discover leptin can also aid type 1 diabetics
16.  Flu shot does not cut risk of death in elderly
17.  Researchers find high levels of toxic metals in herbal medicine products sold online
18.  Caesarean babies more likely to develop diabetes
19.  Olive leaf extract can help tackle high blood pressure and cholesterol
20.  Why do eyelids sag with age? UCLA study answers mystery
21.  New evidence on addiction to medicines Diazepam has effect on nerve cells in the brain reward system
22.  Study examines use of opioids
23.  Heart attack patients who stop statin risk death, say McGill researchers
24.  All types of antipsychotic drugs increase the risk of stroke
25.  Class of diabetes drugs carries significant cardiovascular risks
26.  National Study Shows Magnesium Sulfate Reduces Risk of Cerebral Palsy in Premature Births
27.  Sex hormones link to heart risk
28.  Large-scale Survey Links “Burnout” to Suicidal Thoughts in Med Students
29.  New evidence on folic acid in the diet and colon cancer
30.  Survey: ‘Tanorexia’ common among university students
31.  Post-marketing studies finding adverse events in drugs used in children
32.  Most vaccine-allergic children can still be safely vaccinated, Hopkins experts say
33.  Higher anaphylaxis rates after HPV vaccination: CMAJ study
34.  Safety of antithrombotic treatment in acute coronary syndromes
35.  Study finds B-vitamin deficiency may cause vascular cognitive impairment

Health Technology Research Synopsis

38th Issue Date 02 SEP 2008

Compiled By Ralph Turchiano

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Ralph Turchiano

I have a strong affinity for the sciences which led me to create my sites. My compulsion for the past decade has been reviewing literally every peer-reviewed research article. Which can easily be validated by following my posts. To me, science is where the real news is, as it will mold our destiny beyond that of politics or economics. 😉 Please feel free to e-mail:
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