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Do friends never know how you’re feeling based on facial cues?

Ever find yourself enviously eyeing your dog and its expressive posterior appendage?

Oh tailless one, you are in luck!  From the makers of Necomimi mind-controlled cat ears comes Shippo, a mind-controlled tail that wags based on your mood.

Once attached to your backside, the mechanical moving tail is connected wirelessly to a brainwave sensor headset via bluetooth.  When switched on, Shippo ”waves with your ‘mood’,” letting the whole world know just how you feel regardless of your facial expression.

According to Neurowear, the Japan-based makers of this furry appendage, Shippo is designed to move vigorously when it senses deep concentration and slowly when brainwaves are perceived to be in a relaxed state.  Your mood is even read and logged using Shippo‘s accompanied app which also tracks the user’s location and shares that information via Facebook or Twitter.  Although Necomimi cat ears are available for purchase, unfortunately, Shippo is still in the prototype stage and Neurowear hasn’t announce a release date yet.

Neurowear’s Facebook page posted its Shippo promotional video over a week ago and has received mixed reviews.  One Facebook user writes, “shut up and take my money!” and another mentions wanting a Necomimi and Shippocombo for a Halloween costume. Another Facebook user isn’t much of a fan, writing, “How about talking to one another, expressing what we feel, without the need of attaching fake tails and sensors to our bodies? This is stupid beyond belief.”

No matter what opinion you may have about a mechanically wagging tail, gentlemen, please resist the urge to attach Shippo to your front side.  Us ladies do not want to see your swinging ding-a-ling or a larger furry replacement.

Check out the tail-wagging action here▼

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