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Thursday, 04 October 2012

Official Athens didn’t waste a moment to confirm what MINA’s Gorazd Velkovski stated on Monday, that the “Samardziev Case” had the Stamp of the Greek Secret Service from day one.

Namely, Greece’s MEP in Brussels Yorgos Komucakos attacked EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule for writing a tweet that he was concerned about the situation in Solun-iki.

According to Komucakos, Fule was a victim of propaganda from Skopje, of course. Komucakos also wonders whether Fule’s EU report on Macedonia is ‘believable’ after falling for the “Samardziev” case. The Nea Demokratia MP stated that nothing coming out of Skopje is believable, and the EU report must be rechecked from multiple source.

We saw this pre cooked statement coming from Greek officials four days ago.

Meanwhile, Greek politicians continued to wave their hands and exaggerate the Samardziev case in Brussels. A case the Greek Secret Service cleverly created by employing a seemingly disturbed young man who was dished out as a bait to Macedonian media.

As MINA’s Gorazd Velkovski stated on October 1st , the timing of the Samardziev case was not accidental, it was constructed precisely to align with Stefan Fule’s visit to Athens and the EU report on Macedonia. Greece isn’t able to fix their economy, budget, unemployment, their country in general, but have shown time and time again they are always ready to serve up a good piece of propaganda, even if it means (ab)using psychologically disturbed people to do it.

The question here is, who is more disturbed, Samardziev who told notorious lies about the death of his cousin, or the people who instructed Samardziev to do so?

As MINA’s Velkovski stated, this was a good propaganda win for official Athens, and they did exactly what was expected of them to do, exaggerate the “Samardziev” case, and make it look like Macedonian media had abused the otherwise exceptionally good nature of the Greek Government – well documented by the UN Human Rights Committee.

After this, one must admit that the problem lies with Macedonian media. Although most of the Macedonian media have been fairly good to recognize propaganda coming out of Greece, we all had a hiccup this time because Athens got smarter, the “news” did not come from their media, but from a well trained “ethnic Macedonian”.

Live and learn. //Marina Stojkovska

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