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Ambassador Nikovski wants EU Chief in Macedonia (Aivo Orav) Expelled

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

“He needs to be ignored, by all, at all levels. No institution should have any contacts, if Aivo Orav does not publicly apologize. If he refuses to apologize and remains isolated as he most certainly will be, he himself will ask to leave,” stated Macedonian ambassador Risto Nikovski in an interview earlier today.

This was Ambassador Nikovski’s reaction to a press conference in Brussels by the EU mission chief to Macedonia, Aivo Orav in European Parliament while speaking for Macedonia’s perspectives in the EU’s integration process. During his speech, he repeatedly insulted Macedonians by calling them ‘slavomacedonians’, a poor attempt to appease Athens.

“It would be best for the Macedonian Government to proclaim Mr. Orav (persona non grata) and simply expell him from the country. We unfortunately don’t have the capacity to do something like this, which is why foreign diplomats insult us, in our own home, time and time again,” commented Ambassador Nikovski

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