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SAN BERNARDINO (CN) – A Los Angeles-area school district refused to discipline an elementary teacher who stuck a “long object” up a boy’s rectum while telling him “good boys don’t cry,” the mother claims in court.

Maria Naranjo sued the Ontario Montclair School District, its school board, superintendent and the principal of Mariposa Elementary School, in Superior Court.

In her complaint, she accuses the district of “harboring suspected child abusers/predators.”

The teacher who allegedly did it, Brandie Zuk, is not a party to the lawsuit.

Naranjo says her son, C.A., no longer attends Mariposa Elementary, in Ontario, where the mom claims the assault occurred.

The complaint states: “On August 31, 2011, C.A. was sitting in his classroom with his classmates when his teacher, Zuk, began screaming at him and told him to follow her. Zuk forced C.A. out of the classroom and took him to the bathroom.

“Once in the bathroom, Zuk locked the bathroom door behind them and obligated C.A. to enter one of the stalls. Zuk then pulled C.A’s pants and underwear down. Zuk stood behind C.A. and inserted a long object up his rectum several times. C.A. began crying due to the physical pain he was experiencing. In response to C.A.’s cries, Zuk said, ‘Good boys don’t cry.’ After inserting the object up C.A’s rectum several times, C.A. began to bleed. Zuk then stopped her assault on the boy. C.A. pulled up his underwear and pants and was escorted back to his classroom by Zuk.”

Naranjo claims that when she picked up her son from school she found him with the school nurse, who told her the boy had been sent to the nurse’s office because he was feeling sick.

“As soon as Naranjo and C.A. left school grounds, C.A. began to cry and told his mom that Zuk had hurt him and that his butt hurt. Naranjo immediately became alarmed and asked C.A. to tell her what had happened. C.A. accounted to Naranjo how Zuk had taken him to the bathroom and stuck an object up his rectum several times,” the complaint states.

Naranjo says she complained to defendant principal Miriam Locklair, who “trivialized” the incident and denied that Zuk had done anything wrong. Naranjo claims Locklair did this even after C.A. “recreated” what had “happened from where he was sitting when Zuk screamed at him to the bathroom stall where Zuk assaulted him.”

Naranjo claims that a doctor found “rectal lacerations that pointed towards sexual assault,” and that she reported the incident to the police, but the school district neither investigated nor fired Zuk.

“Naranjo was ridiculed and belittled when she approached Mariposa and OMSD [Ontario Montclair School District] officials following the police report,” the complaint states. “Her son’s abuse continued to be trivialized and questioned by administrators at Mariposa and OMSD. Plaintiff has it on information and belief that Mariposa administrators never investigated or disciplined Zuk. She was also never removed from the campus and is still a teacher there.”

Superintendent James Hammond and all the members of the school board also are named as defendants.

Naranjo seeks punitive damages for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, violation of California’s Bane Act, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and medical and legal costs.

She and her son are represented by Brian Claypool, of Pasadena.

Ontario, pop. 165,000, is 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

School district officials could not immediately be reached for comment.



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