Being on the Magnitsky List will have no impact on Russian Justice Ministry employees – Konovalov: The latest events in Boston and the so-called Chechen trace once again confirm this, Putin pointed out.”

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Alexander Konovalov

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Being on the Magnitsky List will have no impact on Russian Justice Ministry employees – Konovalov

 Russia is ready to improve its relations with the West, President Vladimir Putin said during his question-and-answer session in Moscow on Thursday. He pointed to the latest tragic events in the United States which he said indicate that there are too many problems that can only be resolved by joint efforts.

 Russia and Western countries will hardly be able to avoid exchanging barbs in the future. But any dialogue stipulates both sides showing respect to each other rather than lodging claims. In his marathon phone-in, Putin dwelt on a whole array of international issues and Russia’s relations with foreign partners.

 He said that something of a chill in ties between Russia and Western countries started during a military campaign in Iraq in 2003. Putin added that Moscow and some Western nations are also at odds over the events in Libya and elsewhere.

 “I have repeatedly clarified my position on the matter. We are witnessing a chaos and we don’t believe that our partners’ stance is absolutely right. Why should we support what we deem a wrong position? During my latest trip, much attention was paid to sexual minorities’ rights. You know, they have their own standards that should not be transferred to our society. Let’s refrain from pursuing mutual claims. But this does not mean that we should not seek ways to mend fences. We are ready to do more to improve the climate of relations. We do nothing to hamper such an improvement and we did not adopt the Magnitsky List.”

 Putin stressed that it is not Moscow that provokes deterioration in relations between Russia and Western countries. Russia has to regularly respond to the West’s remarks on human rights and democracy and the situation surrounding the Russian opposition. Citing an array of amendments to the Russian legislation, Putin called for the “non-systemic opposition” notion to be scrapped.

 “I think that this notion will soon lose its significance. Already, there is a right to form political parties with minimal red-tape hurdles. This stipulates obtaining a legal status and luring voters into supporting a relevant party. The main thing is to propose a positive agenda and begin an open, transparent and professional discussion.”

 Additionally, Putin touched on the opposition’s rallies that he said should be held in accordance with the Russian legislation. But there will be no dialogue with those who seek to insult people and defy the law, Putin warned.

 “Both girls from the Pussy Riot group and those boys who desecrate the tombs of our soldiers should be brought to justice. No-one is put in prison due to political convictions. People are brought to court over their breaking the law that must be observed by everyone.”

 According to the Russian President, the main thing is to avoid exchanging rebukes and jointly resolve burning problems. The latest events in Boston and the so-called Chechen trace once again confirm this, Putin pointed out.

 “Russia itself is a victim of international terrorism. I have always reacted angrily to our Western partners and Western mass media describing terrorists who committed bloody and horrendous crimes in Russia as rebels. These terrorists have always received political, information and financial support on the territory of the Russian Federation in a direct or indirect way. We have repeatedly urged to stop paying lip-service to the necessity of containing terrorism and focus on expanding mutual cooperation in this field.”

 If Moscow and Washington are able to join efforts, they will be able to successfully combat terrorism in the future and avoid suffering losses. Putin stressed once again that terrorism has neither nationality nor faith and that the problem of spreading extremist moods is becoming more and more topical in Russia and the United States. Читать полностью:

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